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Zack's Minecraft Challenge - 05

Challenge #5 Build a Minecraft Character Statue!

For this challenge you can choose any color block you want to build your statue. Make your statue as big as you want but remember to include the following parts:

● Feet

● Legs

● Body

● Arms

● Head

In this example the builder made a really cool, simple statue of his character. This example can be very helpful especially because you need to complete the challenge in under 40 minutes.

This is a cool simple design of an ogre!

This is a really big statue even though it looks small, you can see how many blocks it took to make all the detail.

When you’re done you can screenshot your challenge and share it with friends and teachers! Email your screenshot to and we will share it on the blog!

I hope this challenge is a fun one for everyone! Enjoy and do your best!


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