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Welcome Back - Autumn & MRASP

I wanted to digitally introduce all of our Program Coordinators and teachers with some pictures!

Octagon Team (Kindergarten & First Grade)

In Order left to right - Bridget Struth (Coordinator), Kara Powtak, Elyse Heise, Faith Altomare, and Alyssa Kirk

Centre Team (Second & Third Grade)

In Order left to right- Paul Kielb (Coordinator), Veronica Barria, Anna Alonso, Clay Mears, Aaron Sealey (M/T), Zack Krikorian (W/Th/F)

Hut Team (Fourth & Fifth Grade)

In Order Clockwise - Jonathan Kilchherr (Senior Coordinator), Jen Callahan (Senior Teacher), C Vega, Zack Krikorian (M/T), Aaron Sealey (W/Th)

Oh, and I should probably include Carra and I...

Office Team

Left to Right: Josh Friedman (Director) and Carra Dewing (Assistant-Director)

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