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The Newton

Amazing Race

 Open this PDF for the 15 challenges! 

From June 8th – June 14th you are invited to participate in Newton Amazing Race for all age groups at your leisure throughout the week. On the June 8th at 9am we will post 15 challenges.  

Each challenge is going to give you a clue to a location, your job is to find that location and either take a selfie with it or have someone take a picture of you with the location in the background.


You will send all 15 pictures to  for submission. (These pictures will not be posted anywhere, strictly for verification) Final photo submission will be accepted until Sunday June 14th at 5pm. 

This Amazing Race is designed to mold to your families’ schedule. You can complete this Amazing Race all in one day or complete a couple challenges a day. If you are splitting it up amongst the week, you are more than welcome to send in photos as you take them.

Don’t know where one of the locations is? No problem! There will be zooms with MRASP staff available from 3-4pm daily from June 8th-12th to answer any questions or give clues about the Amazing Race or the challenges. (links will be posted soon)

This is a competition! After each child completes all 15 challenges and emails all 15 photos to, they will receive 1 point for their component! MRASP staff will keep up with the submissions and update the graph as shown. Which grade will be the Amazing Race champion of 2020?

Note: If you have kids in different MRASP components, your family submission will count for both providing both kids participate as evidenced by the pictures.


**Please note this activity is only to be completed with your immediate family and not with friends. It is advised that you will follow the social distancing guidelines and not touch any of the locations.


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