Enrollment Application

The application is the 1st step of the enrollment process.  

The application form is in a pdf to the right.  Please fill out the form on your computer. Return a hard copy to MRASP along with the deposit.  Please do not email the application.





March 23



  March 16



Enrollment Information

(Current Families)

Is your child currently enrolled in MRASP?   All the important information for you can be found here.

Coming Soon!

Enrollment Forms

Your MRASP contract and enrollment forms will be available later in the year! 

Long Term Notes

Do you have a child enrolled in a Newton Community Education class or they have a regular commitment that makes it so we shouldn't expect your child? Please fill out a Long Term Note and drop it off in our mail box or in our office!


 Forms & Paperwork

Enrollment Forms

(For 20-21 School Year)

This is the new online enrollment form for the 20-21 school year. Please open & complete in Adobe Acrobat Reader and submit/email to Joshuafriedman@mrasp.org

Tutorial up here-



Health Plan Documents

If your child requires medication while at MRASP or has any serious allergy or medical concern, you will need to fill out the attached documents and have them signed by the required parties. 

Medication Waiver

Did you mark a health condition or allergy on your enrollment forms and don't want to provide medication? Complete the attached medication waiver form. 


Financial Aid Application


Do you need to apply for financial assistance for the 20-21 school year? Please complete this form and submit it. You will need access to your most recent tax documents. 


Parent Handbook

The ins and outs of MRASP geared to our parent population. Any questions can be directed to Josh or Courtney!

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