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Zack's Minecraft Challenge - 04

Challenge #4: Build a small House

For this challenge you need to build a small house in 30 minutes. Remember to set a timer, and put your game on CREATIVE mode.


  • It may be easiest to find a flat piece of land.

  • Build four walls to start

  • Make space or dig out a door and windows.

  • Make a flat roof, or build a pyramid-like roof like we made in Challenge #3

In this example the builder used wooden stairs to make a slanted roof!

This next example has a pyramid-like roof!

In this last example, the builder made a flat roof and Double-Doors!

Good Luck in Challenge #4, Remember to set a timer (30minutes) but also be patient and have fun! If it’s not enough time, take a break and finish the creation another time.

When you’re done you can screenshot your challenge and share it with friends and teachers! Email your screenshot to and we will share it on the blog!

Remember: Challenge yourself, be patient, problem solve, and HAVE FUN!

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