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Zack's Minecraft Challenge -02

Challenge #2: Build a Boat

Materials: This activity requires a computer or tablet with the Minecraft game available.

(Minecraft comes free with all current windows operating systems)

In the Minecraft Challenge you will be asked to build specific things with your own personal twist! There are no limits, the only rule is that you must stop when the timer ends (30 minutes) and try your best to complete the challenge!

Goal: This is a fun activity that engages students in critical thinking, problem solving, and virtual block play

Step one: Once you're in the game, put the game on “Creative mode”. Do this by pressing ESC on the top left of the keyboard, and selecting “enable creative mode”, or going to the menu screen if you're on a tablet.

Now that you have everything at your fingertips, it’s time to try challenge below.


  • I will be updating this weekly with new challenges! Look for it every Friday.

  • When you’re done you can screenshot your challenge and share it with friends and teachers! Email your screenshot to and we will share it on the blog!

  • Remember: Challenge yourself, be patient, problem solve, and HAVE FUN!

In minecraft there are a lot of oceans, lakes, and bodies of water. Some of you may know, you can build a row-boat easily with 5 of the wooden planks in your crafting table by placing them in the shape of a U.

This challenge asks you to build a BIG boat on the water using blocks!

(Make sure you’re in creative mode)

To start, you might have to build a tall stack of blocks starting at the sea floor, before you begin the ship. This will help your ship look like it’s floating in the middle of the water. You can delete the pole and the ship will still float when you’re done.

Some helpful tips:

  • Build a platform at the top of your block stack in the water. This will help get you going with the rest of the ship.

  • Make sure to include a Sail on your ship, white WOOL blocks can help with this.

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