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Zack's Minecraft Challenge - 01

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

This one is generally for the older students who play and enjoy minecraft, and for the few octagoners (k-1) that play as well! Each challenge should last no longer than 30-40 minutes, set a timer.

Materials: This activity requires a computer or tablet with the Minecraft game available.

(Minecraft comes free with all current windows operating systems)

In the Minecraft Challenge you will be asked to build specific things with your own personal twist! There are no limits, the only rule is that you must stop when the timer ends and try your best to complete the challenge!

Goal: This is a fun activity that engages students in critical thinking, problem solving, and virtual block play

Step one: Once you're in the game, put the game on “Creative mode”. Do this by pressing ESC on the top left of the keyboard, and selecting “enable creative mode”, or going to the menu screen if you're on a tablet.

Now that you have everything at your fingertips, it’s time to try challenge below.


  • I will be updating this weekly with new challenges! Look for it every Friday.

  • When you’re done you can screenshot your challenge and share it with friends and teachers! Email your screenshot to and we will share it on the blog!

  • Remember: Challenge yourself, be patient, problem solve, and HAVE FUN!

Challenge #1: Build a Roller Coaster!

Once you have entered the game, press the “I” button to open your Inventory

Press SHIFT and RIGHT CLICK on the item you need to get enough, or “a stack”, to build with.

BLOCKS: Use any kind of block you want, build the path that your mine cart track will go on. Or you can dig the path out with your tools!

Buttons: You can create buttons and stick them near the end of a track to make the cart stop or go.

Redstone: You will need powered rails to power the up-hill part of the roller coasters.

Here is an example picture of what a roller coaster looks like in mine craft. You do not need to copy it but it is here to give you ideas.

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