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Wednesday, June 3 2020

Welcome to Wednesday MRASP-ers. Today on Zoom we have a special Porch Fest Activity at 3! We also have Veronica's Hangout, Werewolf, Drawing Games, Project Runway, and Get Active. Head over to the calendar to sign up!

On the blg today we a have Frisbee Gold, Cut Paper Art, Sewing Projects, and a Dramatic Game! Let's get started . . .

Frisbee Golf

By Meg

Grade Level: All ages

Individual or multiple people: Multiple

Theme: Active


  • Multiple pieces of white paper or index cards

  • 6 baskets-can use anything from laundry baskets to bowls

  • Tape

  • Frisbee

Location: Outdoors

  • Set up the frisbee golf course! Arrange the baskets around your yard in number order like a golf course.

  • Each player will take turns tossing the frisbee into the basket when it’s their turn. Once every player makes it in the first basket, everyone advances to the next one.

  • The score is determined by how many throws it takes the player to get the frisbee into each basket.

The winner is the person with the lowest score (the player who got the frisbee in the baskets with the least amount of tries).

Cut Paper Art

Crafted By Aurora

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: Individual (note: parental supervision may be needed, depending on the tools you choose to use)

Theme: Recycled art


  • Old magazines

  • Picture frame w/ back or a piece of stiff cardboard

  • Construction paper (the article says black or brown, but you can use any color you want!)

  • Glue sticks

  • Scissors (alternatively, a craft blade and cutting mat can create a cleaner design, but parental supervision is required)

Location: Any large flat area, like a kitchen table

Links and resources:

Further instructions or accommodations:

  1. Cut old magazine pages into strips, about two inches wide. Fold them in half so that they are about one inch wide, but still just as tall.

  2. Use your glue stick to start gluing down all of your strips of paper to the back of the picture frame or to the stiff cardboard you are using. Glue them so that they are all lined up the same way and are overlapping to create long, colorful stripes.

  3. Trim any magazine edges that are overhanging your picture frame/cardboard.

  4. Use a light colored crayon on a dark piece of construction paper to draw the design that you want to put over your magazine stripes.

  5. Use scissors to cut the design out of your construction paper.

  6. Glue the design over your magazine stripes. Trim off any extra that is hanging over the edge of your frame/cardboard.

  7. If you are using a picture frame, put your finished picture into the frame. Either way, enjoy your wonderful new art!

Let's get Sewing

By Carra

Grade Level: 2-5th Grade

Individual or multiple people: Either

Materials: Needle, fabric (Felt works best, but an old T-shirt would work), button, thread

Location: At a table/even level surfact

Further instructions or accommodations:

The first link is a youtube channel called Red Ted Art which has a bunch of wonderful in-depth crafts/projects.

The second link is a Red Ted Art video of how to sew a button (4 hole), she does go pretty fast in her videos but the best part is you can pause/rewind whenever you want!

The third link is a Red Ted Art video of her showing the basics of a running stitch. The forth video is not a Red Ted Art video, but it does show how to sew on the different types of buttons, ex. 2 hole button, 4 hole button and a shank button. (this video doesn't do a voiceover, which might make it a bit more difficult for younger kids.

Here are a bunch of sewing resources you can set your child up with! I suggest supervising all ages to begin with and then decide if this is an appropriate independent activity for them! If you don't own felt, you can use an old T-shirt or a thin towel. If they keep up with the practice, they could even sew on a couple of your buttons! :)

Links and resources: How the sew a button (4 hole) how to sew different type of buttons.


Presented By Paul

Grade Level: All

Individual or multiple people: Multiple People, Preferably 2 teams with at least 3-4 or more people on each team

Theme: Describing and acting game

Materials: Sheets of blank paper, scissors, bowl, timer

Location: Anywhere

Further instructions or accommodations:

  1. Start by breaking off into 2 teams

  2. As a group come up with a theme, ex: animals

  3. Each team will get a sheet of paper to jot down as many “things” relating to the theme in an allotted time that the group comes up with, ex: 2 mins

  4. After the alloted time is up, teams will cut out the different “things” that they wrote down and fold them, then put them all into a bowl

  5. Teams can then figure out which team will go first by playing rock, paper, scissors or any way they’d like

  6. This game can contain up to 3 rounds: 1. Describing the items in as many words as you can, 2. Describing the items using only one word, and 3. Acting out the items using no words at all

  7. The team that goes first will choose a player from the team to be the first “describer” and they will get 1 minute to correctly guess the items being described to them.

  8. Whatever items that they guess correctly will be placed to the side and kept separate from the other team to be counted as points

  9. The remaining items will stay in the bowl and the next team will then get a chance to go

  10. Both teams will continue to take turns in this way and rotating “describers” until all of the items in the bowl are gone

  11. After all of the items in the bowl are gone, each team will count how many items they got correct and tally their points on a sheet of paper

  12. The teams will then put all of the item sheets back into the bowl and transition into round 2 of the game: the one word description

  13. Teams will continue to rotate in the same way as round 1 and tally their points until all of the items have been used

  14. After round 2 is complete, they will transition to round 3: acting it out using no words

  15. At end of the final round each team will tally their points and add up all of their points from each round

  16. The team with the most points WINS!

  17. Continue to play with different themes as long as you’d like! Also choose to play with all 3 rounds or any number of them that you prefer!

HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE! We'll see you back here tomorrow for more FUN & GAMES!

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