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Tuesday, March 31 2020 - Shadows, Science, and Strategies

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back to the MRASP LFH Blog. Today it's all about the S, our three activities are about shadows, science, and strategy. We have shadow drawing with Zack, super silly science with Tyler, and a game to keep the good times rolling with Meg.

Shadow Drawing!

Casting Light On Our Favorite Toys With Zack

Grade Level: K-1

Individual or multiple people: 1+

Location: Outside in a sunny spot, window area with light, or at a table with a lamp


White paper

Pencil/Crayons or Markers

Toy that is tall enough to cast a shadow onto the paper

Lamp or window with good sunlight


This project was inspired by a Facebook post and is creative and fun! The goal is to trace the shadow of your favorite toys and color it in or draw the rest however you want.

Finding the right position either using the sunlight or a lamp at home to have the shadow projected on a piece of paper can be the challenging part. Below is an example I found online.

When you use shadows, some very exciting shapes can be seen! Some shadows might be very long, you can tape two pieces of paper together and make a BIG drawing! Don't forget to fill in the background and the space inside the shadow you traced around! Look for objects around the house or toys to trace, see what cool shapes you can find using their shadows!

Rubber Chicken Bones

Super Silly Science Brought To Us By Tyler

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: 1+

Theme: Science


  • Bowl/ jar

  • Chicken bones (Cleaned)

  • White vinegar

  • Paper towels

  • Patience!

Location: Kitchen

Links and resources:

Further instructions or accommodations:

  • This is a fun and funny science experiment that I remember conducting as a kid!

  • After a dinner where chicken, turkey, or any other boned fowl is consumed save some of the small bones! (Chicken legs or wings work best)

  • After as much meat is eaten off of them, clean the rest of the meat and ligaments off the bones in the sink. If there is some stubborn skin that is ok.

  • Have your child observe the bone. How hard is it? What would happen to it if dropped?

  • Next, fill a jar or bowl with enough white vinegar to submerge the bones completely.

  • Now you need to be patient and let the submerged bones sit for 3-4 days while the vinegar reacts to the calcium in the bones.

  • After you have waited a few the recommended time take the bones out and have your child observe the bones now.

  • They should be so flexible you can tie them in a knot!

Chicago Dice

A Game To Keep The Good Time Rolling With Meg

Grade Level: 3rd-5th

Individual or multiple people: Multiple

Theme: Strategy

Materials: 2 dice Pen/paper for scoring

Location: Ideally a table

Links and resources:

Key Info: The goal is to get the highest total score after 11 rounds

Instructions: Choose one person to be the score keeper Have every player roll one die to see who goes first-the player with the highest roll goes first After the 1st player goes, they pass the dice to their left How to Score Each round has a target score-the 1st round is 2, the 2nd round is 3, and so forth When a player rolls the target score on their turn for that particular round, they score that total (ex: during round 8 the target score is 9, if a player rolls any combo that adds up to 9, they score a 9) If a player doesn’t roll a target score during their turn, they get 0 points that round.

Have a Super Day and SEE YOU TOMORROW!

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