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Thursday, March 26th 2020 - Opening Day

Good Afternoon Sports Fans! Today would have been Opening Day for Major League Baseball, and while we're sad we don't get to see the Red Sox (or the Mets) play their first game, we do have a few fun options to get you excited about on a sunny Thursday.

Play Ball

Hit Out of the Park by Tyler

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: 1+

Theme: Reinforcing throwing accuracy with the rules of baseball


  • Cardboard box

  • Paint/ markers

  • Scissors

  • Balls/ bean bags

  • Paper and pencil to keep score

Location: Backyard or room with enough space

Links and resources:

  • Rules of baseball:

Building the Field:

  • Find a piece of cardboard or foam that is roughly 2.5 X 3 ft

  • Find a lid to a tupperware container, or multiple lids to trace for eventually cut holes in the cardboard. Different sizes can lead to different outcomes. For example a hole for a single may be larger than that of a triple or home run

  • Layout various circles on the cardboard and cut them out with scissors.

  • Reference examples posted in the lesson for ideas on some layouts

  • Label the holes and color or paint the board accordingly

  • Locate 3 similarly sized balls or beanbags to throw at the board

Time to Play:

  • Reference the basic baseball instructions above to familiarize yourself with the rules of baseball

  • Arrange two teams if you have enough players

  • Lean the board against a wall or a chair at a slight angle to allow balls or bags to easily fall through the whole without obstruction

  • Set up a designated throwing line that players will toss the balls from.

  • Each team gets 3 outs to try to score as many runs as possible

  • Throwing a ball at the board that does not go in a hole counts as a strike. 3 strikes and you're out

  • Keep track of strikes, outs, baserunner, score, and innings on sheet of paper.

  • Each player gets as many throws as they can to advance the imaginary runners, score runs, and avoid getting outs. Once 3 outs are made it is the next team or persons turn to bat

  • The player who is not batting should be responsible for shagging the balls or beanbags and giving them back to the batter

  • The game will end after 9 innings or both teams mutually agree to end the game.

Adaptations or modifications:

  • This game can also be played with one player seeing how many runs they can score in one inning. This is a great opportunity to practice throwing skills!

Silly Sandwiches

Cooked up by Jennifer

Theme: Literacy

Type of Activity: Literacy, Art project, Scavenger hunt

Goal: For students to use collaborative creativity to craft a mixed media unique sandwich. Exposure to the read along for vocabulary building


* “Sam’s Sandwich” by Dave Pelham read aloud via The Cozy Chair Youtube

(pretend food collage mixed media, found at home object savager hunt)

Run time: 6mins. Read Aloud Link here


Listen to the tale of the most extraordinary sandwich ever made. Thick bread slices, plump tomatoes, mounds of lettuce, slabs of deli meat, layers of cheese, unicorn sparkle sprinkles, stinky monster jelly…how unique can you make your pretend sandwich?

After listening, brainstorm together to make a list about all the objects you heard or saw during the story. Decide how you will make your own sandwich. Will it be out of construction paper? Found objects around the house? Will it be a mix of both? Gather materials, stack it high, be colorful. Let your creativity shine through your imagination! Don’t forget to take a photo of your silly sandwich, and send it over to to be seen on our MRASP blog.

Make Your Own Ice Cream

Cooked up by Meg & The Best Ideas for Kids

Grade Level: All ages-younger kids may need help from their parents

Theme: Science


  • 1 cup half & half, OR ½ cup milk, ½ cup half & half (note: you can use milk or a dairy alternative instead of half & half-it just might not be as creamy)

  • 1 tablespoons sugar

  • 1.5 teaspoons vanilla extract

  • 4 cups of ice (cubed or crushed)

  • ¼ cup salt

  • Ziploc bags (two small ones, one big one)

Location: Your kitchen


  • Add your milk, sugar and vanilla into your small bag. Seal it super tightly, leaving little air.

  • Now put this bag inside of another small bag to double bag your ice cream mixture.

  • Now get a large third bag! Fill it about halfway with ice and salt to this bag.

  • Then put your double-bagged ice cream mixture into the bag with the salt and ice. Seal it tightly.

  • Now shake your bag! Do this for about ten minutes or until you can see/feel that the mixture has thickened.

  • Once it’s done, enjoy! Add additional toppings if you want.

Yum. Bet it would be even better in a helmet cup.

Bonus MLB Wordsearch

Brought to you by Paul on All Free Printables

Page 1 is the Word Search, Page 2 is the answers!

Have fun and find 'em all!

See you tomorrow for a Friday edition of the LFHBlog & Check out the upcoming Daily Drawing with a special Red Sox theme!

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