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Thursday, April 23 2020

Welcome back to the MRASP LFH Blog! Today on the Zoom Calendar we have Music Trivia with Julie and Charades with Tyler both at 3 o'clock. Make sure to sign up and we'll see you there! On the blog we're sharing a fun twist on tag, foaming paint, a building challenge, and snack on a stick!

Glow Stick Tag

With Chloe

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: Multiple

Theme: Active

Materials: Glowsticks

Location: Inside or outside


This can be played outside at twilight if everyone is still full of energy and not ready to settle for the evening or it can be played inside with the shades drawn.

If you don’t have any glowsticks lying around, they are inexpensive and can be ordered online.

Play the game the same way you would play regular Tag. The person who is “It” has the sole red glow stick.

The person with the red glow stick must tag another player. When someone is tagged, they become “It” and carry the red glow stick. If you are inside, you can add a hiding element to the game as well.

Play continues until everyone has had a chance to be “It”.

Foam Paint

with Maisa

Introduction: This fun project only has 3 ingredients! Mix glue, shaving foam and food coloring together to create a foamy paint that will dry overnight to create a firm but soft surface.

Ages: K-5

Materials: Shaving foam, Food coloring, Glue, plastic Ziploc bags.


1. Mix equal parts shaving foam and glue in a Ziploc bag. Add a few drops of food coloring to create your desired paint color.

2. Securely close the bag and squeeze and mix it around until the ingredients are mixed together.

3. Cut of a corner of the bag (like you would with icing) to create a nozzle to squeeze the foam out of.

4. Use it to draw on paper, and then leave the drawing overnight for the foam to harden.

Back to back building challenges

Built By Jen

Introduction: This is a great building challenge for kids of all ages! You'll need one person to be the builder, one person is the planner (describer, they try to explain what the builder made without showing it to their partner), and another person will recreate what the builder has made without every seeing it.

Ages: K-5

Materials: Paper clips, index cards, rubberbands, different materials you find around the house. You need two sets of everything you want to use!


- Collect objects around the house, for example, paper clips, paper, index cards, rubber bands, whatever, and you put them together in different ways. You might take an index card and put eight paper clips on it with the clips going in different, specific directions. You will need to have two of each material.

- Then partners sit back to back. One partner is handed the completed, built object, while the other is handed a bag containing the materials needed to build the object. (You can also throw in extra materials to confuse the builder to make it more challenging).

- The person with the completed object in their hand must give directions on how to build the object.

- The builder can ask as many questions as they want, but they cannot turn around and look until they are satisfied that they are done building the object.

-The results are usually pretty funny. HAVE FUN!

PB&J on a Stick

Cooked Up By Brendan

A classic with a twist! As always remeber to check the ingredient list for allergens!

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: Individual or multiple people

Theme: Cooking


Peanut butter (sunflower or other nut butter)

Jelly (whatever flavor you like)

4 slices of bread

4 wooden skewers

1 cup seedless red or green grapes

1 small banana, sliced

Location: Kitchen


  1. Using the nut butter, jelly, and bread, make two PB&J sandwiches.

  2. Cut the sandwiches into 1-inch squares.

  3. Alternating between red/green grapes, banana slices, and PB&J squares, put all the ingredients on the skewers.

  4. Serve immediately and enjoy as a delicious snack!

Further instructions or accomodations: If you’re allergic to peanuts, use a different type of nut butter such as almond, cashew, or Sunbutter!

Have a great Thursday Everyone! See you back here tomorrow for more fun!

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