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Newton Amazing Race! June 8- June 14

Welcome to the Newton Amazing Race! These challenges and clues have been designed by MRASP to take you on an adventure through Newton. Can you identify all of the places? Solve all of the riddles? Don't forget to take pictures along the way!

WHEN: June 8th at 9:00am-June 14th 5:00pm. DIRECTIONS:

For all 15 challenges, you will be given a riddle or an image around Newton. Your job is to find the location and take a selfie or have someone take a picture of you! Remember, pictures or it didn’t happen!

If you need help locating where one of the images are or what one of the riddles are, head to and log onto one of the zooms that will be hosted June 8th-12th from 3:00-3:40pm for hints!

Send all pictures to by June 14th. GOOD LUCK!

Challenge 1 Find this location and do your best jogger pose with this statue

Challenge 2

Find this location and put your hands in the air

Challenge 3

Where is Veronica? Find where Veronica was sitting and give a thumbs up

Challenge 4

Find this location and make an O with your arms

Challenge 5

Find this location and point to the fish

Challenge 6

Can you locate this place? Pose like you are a superhero

Challenge 7

You’re about half way there, hopefully not too many crooks, go take a pictures with some bronze friends where you find lots of books.

Challenge 8

It may be closed, but you buy books here, find a retired metal instrument. Take a picture attempting to make a sound…

Challenge 9

What are the opposites of hot and autumn? Find that park and take a picture with the stone squirrel.

Challenge 10

Can you locate one of these signs and pose like a tree?

Challenge 11

Great place to buy marathon sneakers, find this location and pose like your crossing the finish line.

Challenge 12

A nice spot for ducks and views between Bullough’s and Berkshire, take a picture of you looking at the view.

Challenge 13: Find this location and show with your hands how much you miss school.

Challenge 14

Aluminum family of poultry can be found a short walk away from Mason Rice. Take a picture acting like an animal.

Challenge 15

Find this location and take a picture of your best victory stance.

Congrats on completing the Newton Amazing Race 2020!


For a printable versionz of our Amazing Race Clues use the PDF below:

Download PDF • 1.25MB

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