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MRASP LFH Porch Fest - Make Your Own Instrument

Hey All, Welcome back to the MRASP LFH Blog! Catch us on Zoom later for Homework Help, Scattergories, The 4th Grade Hangout, Pajama Book Club, and the Virtual Nature Walk.

Join us for an MRASP Special Event - PORCH FEST! Porch Fest is MRASP’s musical end-of-year celebration that includes crafting homemade instruments, sharing music you’ve been working on, and an end-of-year collaborative music video that everyone can participate in!

Below you will find the directions for a variety of homemade instruments. You can join MRASP Staff tomorrow, Wednesday June 3, on zoom to craft your own instruments for Porch Fest! We will be learning "Count on me" By Bruno Mars.






Empty cans (soup, coffee, bean, pringle or anything else that you have!)


2 Wooden sticks (make sure they are at least ¾ inch thick and do not break easily)


Tin foil

Colored paper




Drum sticks:

  1. Take a piece of tin foil and form a ball that is about 1 inch in diameter

  2. Open the ball up and have an adult hot glue the tin foil around one of the sticks

  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for a second stick

  4. Cut a piece of string 10 inches in length and hot glue one end of the string to the bottom of your tin foil ball on your drum stick.

  5. Wrap the yarn around the tin foil in the horizontal direction all the way up to the top.

  6. Now wrap the yarn in the vertical direction going from the top to the bottom.

  7. Have a parent hot glue the string at the top where the horizontal and vertical pattern of the string criss cross, to help make sure they stay secure.

Drum set:

  1. Empty and wash out your cans.

  2. Measure and cut out a piece of paper that can be wrapped around your cans

  3. Glue the paper around your cans

  4. Let dry and then color and decorate the colored paper as you like.

  5. Cut the bottom part of your balloon off.

  6. Take the top lid off and have an adult stretch the balloon over the opening of the can.

  7. You’re now ready to play!



Plastic water bottle


Hole punch

Plastic straw

Rubber glove

Construction paper


  1. Take your plastic water bottle and remove the outside wrapping and remove the cap.

  2. Have an adult help you cut it in half

  3. Take the top half of your water bottle and have an adult use hole punch create a hole near the mouth part.

  4. Cut the fingers and thumb off your glove.

  5. Cut open the remaining portion of your rubber glove so that it is a flat rectangle.

  6. Stretch the glove over the top part of the water bottle where you cut it. (Make sure that the hole punched you made does not get covered.)

  7. Put rubber bands around the rubber glove to make sure it stays in place.

  8. Roll a piece of construction paper so that the paper fits snugly inside the plastic water bottle’s mouthpiece. The construction paper should just barely touch the rubber glove when inserted.

  9. Tape the construction paper to keep it in place in the opening of the water bottle.

  10. Insert a straw through the water bottle where you made a hole punch. The top of the straw should be sticking on the outside of the water bottle.

  11. Have fun!



Tissue box

Duct Tape

Paper Towel Roll


Colored Paper

5 Rubber bands




  1. Take your paper towel roll and trace a circle around the top of the tissue box

  2. Cut out the circle you traced.

  3. Cover your tissue box with colored paper

  4. Taking 5 rubber bands, carefully stretch them over the tissue box so that the rubber bands pass over the hole of the box

  5. Take your paper towel roll and place ⅓ of it inside the cereal box and secure with duct tape

  6. Cover the rest of your paper towel roll with duct tape or colored paper

  7. You’re ready to play!

Pan Flute


8 plastic straws

Duct tape

Double stick tape or glue



  1. Take your first straw and cut off the short end that bends

  2. Take your next straw and cut it to be half an inch shorter than the previous straw.

  3. Take your next straw and cut half it to be half inch shorter than the straw cut step 2.

  4. Continue cutting straws half an inch shorter than the preceding one until all 8 are cut.

  5. Line your straws up from largest to smallest and make sure they all start at the same height

  6. Tape together your straws using minimal glue or glue your straws together.

  7. Take two pieces of duct tape and wrap around all your straws together.

  8. Have fun!



Plastic eggs

Corn kettles

Plastic spoons

Duct Tape



  1. Take your plastic eggs and fill ⅓ way with corn kettles.

  2. Close your eggs and tape two spoons on each side of the plastic egg.

  3. Wrap the duct tape around the eggs and straws 3 times.

  4. Your eggs are ready to shake!

We'll see you back here tomorrow!

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