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Monday, May 11 2020

Updated: May 12, 2020

Welcome back MRASP LFH Readers! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Today on the Zoom Calendar we have choose your own adventure, an indoor scavenger hunt, Veronica's hangout, word games, and mad libs. Head over to the calendar to signup and we will see you there. On the Blog today we have a new take on bowling, sidewalk chalk games, and a ladybug craft paired with a snack. Let's get started . . .

Frisbee Bowling

Thrown Our Way By Aurora

Grade Level: Anyone who can use a frisbee

Individual or multiple people: Either


  • 10 Water bottles (or anything else you can use as bowling pins)

  • A frisbee

  • Some kind of marker for your starting point (a rope, chalk line, cone, or anything else that will stay in place to mark where you stand)

Location: Outside

Further instructions or accommodations:

This is a challenging, but simple to set up outdoor game.

  1. Set up your “pins” somewhere outside. It is going to be easiest to set them up on a flat surface such as a walkway/driveway or even an outdoor table (as long as you have parent permission).

  2. Take ten big steps back from the pins. This will be your starting point. You can mark this with a rope, chalk, a cone, or anything else that will help you remember where it is. If you are playing with multiple people, the shortest person will be the one that you measure by.

  3. Stand at your starting point and throw the frisbee, trying to knock over as many pins as you can. Keep throwing your frisbee from the starting point until you’ve knocked down all of the “pins”. If you are playing with someone else, the person who knocks over all of the pins in the fewest tries wins the round, just like in regular bowling.

Ways to change it up:

  • Adjust the distance. If it is too hard, move your starting point two big steps closer to the pins. If it is too easy, move two big steps away.

  • Move the pins around. You can spread the pins out around your yard to make the game more interesting, or just try different shapes with your pins in the original spot.

  • If you have them, try different frisbees to experiment with how they fly.

  • Partially fill or empty your water bottle “pins” to make them harder or easier to knock over.

Sidewalk Chalk Games

Drawn Up By Meg

Grade Level: All ages

Individual or multiple people: Either!


  • Chalk

Location: Outside

Further instructions or accommodations:

Tic Tac Toe with a Twist

  • Draw a large tic tac toe board with chalk

  • Use bean bags or rocks and gently toss them towards the tic tac toe board-stand a bit away from it

  • Wherever the rock or bean bag lands, you draw an “X” or an “O”

  • Keep playing until someone wins!

Long Jump-See how far you can jump!

  • Mark different intervals up to 12 feet

  • Jump from the beginning of the line and see how far you can go! Keep trying to see if you can improve your jumping skills

Obstacle Course

  • Using your chalk, draw out your obstacle course. Make it as long as you want

  • Each part of the obstacle course says something different you have to do: run, jump, right foot hop, zig-zag walk, 10 jumping jacks, etc. Be creative!

Paper Ladybugs

Crafted By Brendan

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: Individual or multiple people

Theme: Using craft materials around the house to practice fine motor skills and create a spring decoration!


Construction paper (red, black, and a bit of white - although your ladybug can be different colors if you feel like it or don’t have a certain color of paper!)


Glue stick

Black marker or Sharpie

Location: Table or any large flat surface usable for crafting


  1. Cut a circle shape out of the red construction paper. Cut strips of red paper.

2. Take one strip of paper and glue it onto the base as shown in the picture. Glue on the next one at a 90° angle to the first one.

3. Continue with the next two, placing them between the first two. Depending on the size of the ladybug you are making you will need to add more strips of paper to make the body of the ladybug more full.

4. Cut the dots (you can use the glue stick cap as a template) out of the black construction paper. Also cut a semicircle shape for the head and two antennas. Cut two small oval shapes out of white paper and draw on the eyes with black marker.

5. Glue on the dots and head with the glue stick, and you’re done!

Grouchy Ladybug Snacks

Cooked Up By Jennifer

Theme: Snacks inspired by Eric Carle

Type of Activity: Cooking

Location: Kitchen

Age: Everyone

No need to be grouchy anymore! This easy and yummy strawberry snack is a great way to encourage fine-motor skills in little ones while enjoying the adventure of a rather ill-behaved little bug in Eric Carle's classic, The Grouchy Ladybug.

Ingredients: Mini chocolate chips, fresh whole Strawberries


1. Wash, and dry your strawberries

2. Take a cup full of mini chocolate chips

3. Turn mini chocolate chips in your hand so the pointed cone portion of the chip is out

4. Push mini chocolate chips into your strawberries to create ladybug dots

5. Spread them out, make a pattern

6. Enjoy your new snack, don’t forget to clean up!

You can listen to The Grouchy Lady Bug below.

Have a great day everyone! We'll be back here tomorrow with more fun and games to keep you entertained!

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