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Monday, March 30th 2020 - Sun shining through clouds

Good Afternoon & Welcome back MRASP LFHBlog Readers!

We hope you got outside some this weekend and found some exciting things to get up to. Today's lineup features some hip-hop dancing brought to you from Chloe, a beautiful flower-art project from Julie, & a super exciting interactive activity put together by Carra.

Living Room Hip-Hop Dancing

Highlighted by Chloe. Credit to MihranTV

Grade Level: K-5

Materials: Computer with internet access and music playing capability

Optional: full length mirror

Location: Large open space

Links and resources:

Further instructions or accommodations:

Here is a link to an awesome hip hop dance routine for your kids to learn. Challenge them to teach themselves and put on a performance using the tutorial or form a family wide dance crew, up to you!

If you have a full length mirror, it’s great to be able to see yourself dancing.

This is a great activity for a rainy day where kids can expend energy safely inside.

Once you have the routine down and no longer need the tutorial with the dance instruct - here is a link to the music by itself.…


Brought to us from Julie. Credit to Jay Lee Painting.

Name of the activity: Grade Level: 2-5


Background paper (color of your choice)

Paint brush

Shower loofah or sponge


White paint


Toilet paper cylinder rolls


Location: Table or desk

Links and resources:

Further instructions or accommodations:

1. Put newspaper down to cover your working area

2. Put colored paper down to be used as your background.

3. Take toilet paper cylinder rolls and make cuts midway all around the roll

4. Pour white paint out and stick cut end of toilet paper roll into paint

5. Take the wet paint covered roll now and press down onto paper

6. Pick up the roll and move around the paper where first print was made

7. Then take roll and re-dip into white paint and repeat steps 5-6 as many times as you like. 8. Let paint dry.

9. Take loofah or sponge and dip into paint and press down over previously made


10. Take Q tips and dip in white paint and make spots trailing away from dandelion

11. Take your paintbrush and paint in stems for the dandelions

12. (Optional) Add other paint colors if you wish to your painting


By Carra

We are all learning how to adjust to our new schedules without leaving our homes but still maintaining relationships and checking in with our friends and families.

Here is an activity that can be done through the great technology we have now-a-days. Whether it is through a phone call/email/face-time/ letter in the mail, YOU are going to be interviewing your loved ones. Here is a list of “interview questions” you can ask your grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, cousins, family friends…ANYONE, (even if they live out of state)! If you are giving the interview, go through and highlight the questions you want to ask, don’t forget to be writing down the responses, taking notes, and asking follow up questions!

Attached below are two types of interviews. One,is for someone who is an “elder” and the second one is for someone who is around the same age as you.

You'll need to download the file as word file to print it

Parents: we all know, on the spot questions are hard. It might be a good idea to send the questions over to the person your child is interviewing to give them time to think of answers before the “actual” interview. :)

Interviewers: Some of the questions might not apply to the person you are interviewing, if that is the case, you can write N/A which means not applicable.

Have a marvelous Monday everyone. Back at it tomorrow with a new slate of activities. Tune in later today for the Daily Drawing and then on the facebook page at 4:00 for the next Harry Potter chapter reading.

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