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Monday, March 23rd 2020 - Monday Funday

Good Morning LFH Readers! Today is a grey Monday outside, but there is much fun to be had inside today! We feature an indoor active from Chloe, an art project designed by Zack & his Mom, and a special guest project from Alexa!!

Steal the Treasure

Brought to us by Chloe

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: Three or more

Materials: Chair, bean bags or multiples of some item, blindfold, optional: bells, painters tape

Location: Open floor space such as a living room or dining room

Further instructions or accommodations: This game is great for a rainy day because it engages the body but does not require running and can be played inside.

Object of the game: To steal as much treasure without waking the dragon


One player opts to be the dragon. They are blindfolded and sitting in the chair in the middle of the room.

Underneath or behind the chair is all the “treasure” (10 pieces approximately). You can use bean bags/books, or pretty much any object.

A perimeter around the dragon should be outlined using painters tape or cones if possible. A large area rug works well to determine the boundaries of the dragon’s lair as well.

All the other players are jewel thieves and they must start outside of the perimeter. As quietly as possible they have to try to sneak into the perimeter and grab one piece of treasure at a time and bring it back outside the perimeter.

If the dragon hears something, they can point and if they are pointing at a thief, that player must return the treasure and move back outside the perimeter and try again.

Once all the treasure is gone, the person who succeeded in retrieving the most treasure without the dragon catching them wins and becomes the next dragon.

Tip: For added difficulty, play on a creaky wood floor or attach bells to the wrists/ankles of the thieves.

Spring Cloud Art

Created by Zack & his Mom Ms. Chakarian

Age Range: K-2


  • Blue construction paper

  • Other color paper for flowers etc.

  • White paper

  • Scissors and Glue (optional)

  • Markers/Crayons

Goal: To create a sky scene in which each cloud will have a different word or phrase correlating with spring written on it. Guiding the children to both practicing their vocabulary by correlating memories and ideas with spring, and engaging their artistic creativity. Using the theme of spring in mind, (winds, flowers blossoming, kites etc.) to add learning structure and guide imagination.

The idea is also based of a classroom bulletin board that had wind blowing many little clouds tacked on. Each contained the students thoughts about spring or buzzwords about the season.

You can continue to add on to the spring word scene with new features in future days!

Alexa’s Pet Rocks!

Created by Alexa

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: Do this on your own or with a friend!

Theme: Spring

Location: Your home or yard!


  • One rock

  • Google eyes

  • Markers or paints

  • Glue

  • Any other scrap paper or felt you want to use

Further instructions or accommodations:

1. Select a rock from the closest habitat. Choose a rock that does not exhibit any concerning behaviors such as biting, growling, or rifling through garbage cans. Before introducing the rock to your home, please ensure that it has had all its proper shots and been de-clawed.

2. Cup the rock in both of your hands. Open your mind to visualize what kind of traits your rock has and what the best environment for them would be. Feel free to sing, read poetry, or tell stories to your rock to help form its identity during this time.

3. Proceed to decorate your rock with the aforementioned materials. Think creatively—how many eyes does it have? Scales? Feathers? Wings? Is it a carnivore or and herbivore? Predator or prey? Is it even from this planet?

4. Once your rock is decorated, take the time to think of a name for him or her. This will be the name that your pet rock has forever, so choose carefully!

5. Enjoy the experience of being a new pet owner.

Have a great Monday everyone! New features, new videos, & even more read alouds are on the way. Stay tuned and see you tomorrow here on the LFHBlog from MRASP!

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