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Monday, April 20 2020

Welcome to a new week here on the MRASP Blog! We have a classic hut game, a hula hoop game, print making, and a super snack to keep you energized!

We have new activities up on the Zoom calendar, make sure to check it out and sign up! Let's get started . . .


With Jen

Grade Level: 2nd-5th

Individual or multiple people: 2-4 People

Theme: Fun games for siblings, critical thinking, drama





Location: Living Room


You start this by giving everyone several small pieces of paper, the more you do at the start the more options you'll have.

On each piece write a name of a celebrity, living or dead, actors, authors, politicians, sports figures, fictional characters from books or movies, etc.

Fold up each piece of paper and put it in a bowl. You should not let anyone see what you are writing, or tell any of the other players who you wrote down.

This is a partner game where each round one partner will be giving clues to his/her partner, and the other will be guessing.

The other players do not try to guess and stay quiet when it is not their turn. When it's your turn you come up to the bowl, pull out a piece of paper, and try to get your partner to guess the celebrity.

This is not charades, you can talk. You can say anything except for any part of the name, no rhymes with or sounds like, no initials, but anything else is fair game.

For example, if the first name of the celebrity is the first name of someone in the room you can point to that person and say, "Her first name." If the celebrity is a singer you can start singing one of the song that singer is famous for.

The goal is to get your partner to guess as many before the end of the turn. I allow one minute per turn, and generally two or three passes each turn. If you pass you put it back in the bowl and it can be used again later.

Hula Blockers

Brought To Us By Aurora

Grade Level: Any

Individual or multiple people: 2-4 People

Theme: Fun games for siblings


  • 2-4 hula hoops (depends on the number of people who are playing)

  • One or two small (handheld) bean bags

Location: Outdoors

Links and resources:

Further instructions or accommodations:

In this game, each participant stands inside of a hula hoop. The goal is to toss a bean bag into your opponent’s hoop without letting them get a bean bag into your hoop. If you manage to toss a bean bag into your opponent’s hoop then you get a point, and vice versa. Everyone has to stay inside of their own hula hoop for the entire game.

Printmaking with Found Objects

with Maisa

Introduction: This project encourages participants to find objects around the house that would be recycled or thrown away, and to use them as art materials to make prints with. Objects can be used to make a wide variety of textures and patterns when used with paint.

Grade Level: K-5th

Individual or multiple people: Individual or multiple

Theme: Art project

Materials: Paints, paper(s) to work on, brushes, and an assortment of recycled items to use to make prints, such as pieces of cardboard, plastic bottles, old sponges, etc.

Location: Ideally at a table


1. Gather an assortment of items to use to make prints with. I recommend checking the recycling, for crumpled up paper, Styrofoam, etc.

2. Mix a paint color you like and coat an object with paint

3. Press the object against the paper to create a print.

4.Repeat with more/less paint, different objects and different colors.

French Bread Pizzas

Cooked Up By Paul

Grade Level: All

Individual or multiple people: Individual and/or multiple people with adult supervision

Materials: Kitchen materials provided in link

Location: Kitchen

Links and resources:

Further instructions or accommodations: As always make sure to check ingredients for any allergies! :)

Ingredients: (the ingredients will vary based on your preference and what you want to add to your pizza)

  • 6 whole deli rolls

  • Jarred marinara sauce or pizza sauce

  • Mozzarella cheese (or your preference of cheese)

  • Any toppings of your choice (ex: sausage, bacon, peppers, onions, ham, pepperoni,etc)


  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

  2. Slice rolls in half and lay them, cut side up, on a large baking sheet.

  3. Top each half with a generous portion of either marinara or pizza sauce. Next, top with a generous amount of grated mozzarella or any cheese you’d like..

  4. Add whatever toppings you'd like on top of the cheese!

  5. Once all assembled, put the pan in the oven on the lowest rack for 8 to 10 minutes. Crank up the heat to 425 and put it on the highest rack until the cheese starts to bubble a bit and turn golden.

Remove and serve immediately! You can cut the pizzas in half right across the middle so there are mini-French Bread Pizzas for everyone.

Have a great Monday everyone and we will see you back here tomorrow for mor projects, games, and recipes!

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