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Joe's Mantis Antics!

So, during my time away from the school, I have taken an increased interest in praying mantes (plural form of praying mantis). I initially took interest in them because of their knack to keep certain bugs at bay in my garden and I REALLY didn’t want to use ANY pesticides at all, but, like with most things in my life, I took my interest one step further.

About a month ago I purchased three Chinese Praying Mantis oothecae (they were sold in sets of three) without realizing each one would hatch/produce two hundred or more praying mantis nymphs each. I also got one Carolina mantis to keep me company while waiting for the oothecae to produce. I named him Biggy, which I did as a joke because according to things I’ve read online the Carolina mantis is the smallest praying mantis species of them all. The funny thing is, the Chinese praying mantis is reportedly the LARGEST praying mantis (or, if not, very close). Don’t worry though, Biggy won’t be overrun by nymphs his size – he has his own separate terrarium cube and won’t be tasked with any bug guard duty in the garden.

The oothecae can take anywhere between 2-8 weeks after receiving them in the mail. Reviews I read mostly said the oothecae they purchased hatched within 3-4 weeks after delivery so I’m optimistic/hopefully that they’ll start hatching in the next week or so.

In preparation for the big day, I have some small cups and a small butterfly habitat so I can separate as many of them as I can and give them their best shot at survival. It’s important to give the mantis nymphs a few fruit flies and some water within the first 8-12 hours.

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