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Friday, May 29 2020

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! We've had another great week of activites and zoom meet ups! Today we are offering Pokemon Adventure, Playful Poetry, and Yoga. If you haven't signed up head over to the Zoom calendar.

On the blog we have a board game active, corner book marks, a sensory experience, and a drawing exercise. Let's get started . . .

Make your Board Games Active!

By Aurora

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: However many players are required for the board game you are using

Theme: Active, Game


  • Any board game that involves rolling a die or moving a spinner and moving around the board

Location: Anyplace with enough flat space for a board game and enough open space for active movements like jumping jacks or push-ups

Further instructions or accommodations:

The rules are simple. Play your favorite board game just like you normally would, EXCEPT add an active challenge to it.

For each number on your die or spinner, assign an active movement. Write these down on a piece of paper and every time a player spins the spinner or rolls the die, they have to do the movement associated with that number before they are allowed to move their piece.

Below is one example of what your activities could be for each number, but you can build your own set of movements and change it up each time you play!\

1 - Bear crawl around the room

2 - Do 5 "I'm a Star" jumps (or regular jumps if there's not enough space for that)

3 - Do 6 sit-ups

4 - Balance in a yoga Tree Pose for 15 seconds on each leg

5 - Do 10 squats

6 - Everyone plays one round of Freeze Dance

Fruit Slice Corner Bookmarks

Crafted By Meg

This warmer weather makes me think of reading a good book outside and eating some fruit. So why not make a fruit bookmark to add to the fun?

Grade Level: All Ages-younger kids made need help

Individual or multiple people: Either!


  • Colored paper

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Craft glue

Location: A table

Further instructions or accommodations:

  • Grab a square piece of paper that’s at least 8”x8”

  • Fold the paper into a square diagonally

  • Grab the top corner of the top layer triangle and fold it in half, towards the bottom edge of the triangle-you want it to form a pocket between the 2 layers

  • Now, fold up the left corner of the triangle to have it match with the top corner

  • Now fold up the right corner of the triangle, and once again have it match the top corner

  • Fold in half of the folded-up parts into the pocket that you created earlier

  • Now fold both sides similarly to complete your corner bookmark

  • Using your template, trace the patterns onto colored paper for the fruit and then cut them out. If you’re making the watermelon bookmark, trace the large pattern on green paper, the medium pattern on white, and the small pattern on pink. For the seeds, you can trace them on black paper or just draw them on afterwards.

  • Assemble your watermelon or whatever fruit you chose to create

  • Taking the bookmark you assembled earlier, attach your fruit on the triangle side of it. Match your straight ends on the paper fruit to the bookmark’s straight ends

  • Now it’s time to grab a good book!

Homemade Moon Sand

With Brendan

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: Individual (with adult supervision)

Theme: STEM


Measuring cups



Canola or vegetable oil

Food coloring

Location: A kitchen with a countertop


This is a super simple recipe! You can use the food coloring to make as many colors of the sand as you want. The ratio that works the best is an 8:1 ratio of flour to oil - so you can use as much or as little as you’d like! 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of oil makes a good amount. Once you mix the flour and oil together, separate the moon sand into as many different bowls as you’d like and add a few drops of different colored food coloring to each one! Make sure you mix the three ingredients in each bowl really thoroughly, as it works the best when everything is fully combined. A spatula works really well for mixing everything together. Once you’re done, you should have easy, non-toxic moon sand in a variety of colors that you can play with!

Making Mandalas

With Maisa

Theme: Creative

Location: Large flat table with enough room to draw

Number of kids: single or multiple

Materials/equipment needed:




Compass (for drawing circles)

Links and resources:


  1. Find approximately the center of your paper and make a dot here.

  2. Use your compass to make a small circle around your dot

  3. Make a larger circle around that, and a third larger circle around that

  4. Use your ruler to make a straight vertical line across your center point, then a horizontal one across it. Then make two diagonal lines across the center.

Your drawing should look like this:

5. Now that you have this basic shape, you can begin drawing designs in

your mandala, like this:

Pizza Toast

Cooked Up By Brendan

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: Individual or multiple people (with adult supervision)

Theme: Cooking


6 slices of bread

1 cup of pizza sauce

2 cups of shredded mozzarella

½ cup mini pepperoni slices (regular pepperoni slices work too)

Location: Kitchen


  1. Have an adult preheat the oven to 350˚ and line a medium-sized baking sheet with parchment paper.

  2. Place bread slices on the baking sheet and spread pizza sauce on each slice.

  3. Top with pepperoni slices and shredded mozzarella cheese.

  4. Have an adult place the baking sheet with the pizzas on it in the oven, and bake until cheese is melted and pepperoni is crispy.

  5. Wait a minute or two for the pizzas to cool, and enjoy!


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