Friday, May 1 2020

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! It's the last day of our week and we're bringing you some super fun indoor activities on this rainy Friday! There are still spots available for Josh's Pokemon Adventure Game today, head over to the Zoom Calendar to sign up! On the blog we have cozy forts, an upcycled bird feeder, BUBBLES, and the perfect snack for a rainy Friday! Let's get started . . .

Build a Living Room Fort!

Built By Zack

  • BEING SAFE: First thing to take care of is safety. BEFORE you build your fort make sure nothing nearby can be knocked over and broken. Also make sure no small tables are nearby to avoid bumping into it and getting hurt.

  • PARENTS: Please make sure you’ve given your child permission to turn the living room upside-down. And double check the safety of the area, please move small coffee tables, glass