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Friday, May 1 2020

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! It's the last day of our week and we're bringing you some super fun indoor activities on this rainy Friday! There are still spots available for Josh's Pokemon Adventure Game today, head over to the Zoom Calendar to sign up! On the blog we have cozy forts, an upcycled bird feeder, BUBBLES, and the perfect snack for a rainy Friday! Let's get started . . .

Build a Living Room Fort!

Built By Zack

  • BEING SAFE: First thing to take care of is safety. BEFORE you build your fort make sure nothing nearby can be knocked over and broken. Also make sure no small tables are nearby to avoid bumping into it and getting hurt.

  • PARENTS: Please make sure you’ve given your child permission to turn the living room upside-down. And double check the safety of the area, please move small coffee tables, glass furniture and lamps/cords from the construction zone. Thank you!

Building forts in the living room was one of my favorite things to do growing up, even though I’m an adult now, I still find it exciting and fun!

If you have ever made a fort in your living room or bedroom then you might already know what to do. But here are some tips to help you make a fun fort with cushions, chairs and bed-sheets!

Goal: To challenge our children to build a fort that stands and wont fall over, they will need to problem solve in order to do this, it will also give them a fun space to spend time in afterwards. In the end it will reinforce cleaning up and organization.

Materials (household):

  • Bed-Sheets to make a tent

  • Chairs to hang the bed sheet on

  • Couch Cushions to stack like blocks!

  • Blanket to use as a tent

  • Pillows

  • Cardboard Box

  • Broom to hold up the bedsheet (optional)

In this activity you can be as creative as you want. I have some examples that might help you see how to create your fort! See the next pages.

Remember to have fun and be safe! If you want, send teachers a picture of your fort at the end!

Upcycled Bird Feeder

With Brendan

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: Individual

Theme: Project, Fine Motor Skills


A 1- or 2-liter soda bottle

Two twigs

Scissors or knife

Funnel (optional)


String, twine, or fishing line

Location: Table or any large flat surface usable for crafting


  1. Take your soda bottle and remove the wrapper so it is just a clear plastic bottle (you can also remove the sticky residue by running it under some hot water with soap).

  2. Using the scissors or knife, carefully poke four medium-sized holes in the bottle: two sets of holes that are directly across from each other (these will be where your twig “perches” stick through the bottle).

  3. Poke two small holes towards the top of the bottle (again, directly across from each other). These will be where your string or twine threads through to hang the bird feeder.

  4. Find two twigs outside and push them through the two sets of holes on the lower part of the bottle. There should be just enough room through the holes that the perches go through for the birds to peck into the bottle and eat the birdseed, but not enough that it all comes spilling out at once.

  5. Take a funnel and some birdseed and carefully pour the birdseed into the bottle.

  6. Thread the twine or string through the two holes in the top and tie a knot with both ends.

  7. Hang up your new bird feeder and wait and see how many different kinds of birds come to eat from it!

Soap Foam Printing

With Meg

Grade Level: All ages

Individual or multiple people: Either!

Theme: Art


  • Watercolor paper (can use any type of plain white paper if you don’t have any)

  • Liquid Watercolors

  • Dish soap

  • Straws or a whisk

  • Bowl

  • Tablespoon measurer

Location: Outside or on a table with newpaper/tablecloth

Further instructions or accommodations:

  • Put a few tablespoons of dish soap into your bowl and add water

  • Now mix your water using a whisk, or you can blow bubbles with a straw

  • Once there are a lot of bubbles, squirt your liquid watercolors over them

  • Continue making bubbles and mixing water/adding color

  • Now, hold your paper over the soap foam and hold it down for a minute

  • Lift it, and set it down to dry-make as many prints as you want

  • Once the foam dries, it will leave behind some cool colors and patterns!

Veggie Roll-Ups!

Cooked Up By Charlotte

*** If you have a food allergy, make sure to check ingredients beforehand and adjust accordingly!***

-This recipe calls for a knife. Please use adult supervision when following through the steps for your own safety!


  • Whole wheat or veggie tortilla (corn tortilla for GF)

  • Cucumber

  • Tomato

  • Spinach

  • Grated carrots

  • Onion powder

  • Cream cheese - use chive cream cheese for more flavor OR substitute hummus for DF

  • Grated cheese (optional)


  1. Lay your tortilla out on a large plate or cutting board

  2. Smear cream cheese or hummus over one side of the tortilla

  3. Chop up your veggies fairly small and sprinkle them over the tortilla

  4. Add a little bit of onion powder over the veggies

  5. Finally, top it off with some sprinkled cheese!

  6. Roll the wrap up and then cut into bite-sized roll-ups and enjoy

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYBODY! We'll see you back here next week with more games, projects, activities, and recipes!

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