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Friday, March 27th 2020 - Fairy Magic Friday

Happy Friday World! Today we bring a few very exciting activity choices to make your day magical. Today's choices are all about a fun (and potentially outdoor?) Friday! First we have special multi-part (maybe even weekend long?) building & art project crafted by Charlotte. Next we have a musical team game brought to you from Joe. Finally we end with a classic party dance game brought from Aurora that will hopefully get your whole family moving and grooving.

Fairy Houses

Conjured by Charlotte

About: Soak up the sun and practice your coloring and creative skills with this multi-step project. Let your imagination run wild while creating your own fairy house.



-sticks, leaves, acorns, bark, moss, plants

-camera (iPhone or digital)


-marker (sharpie or other drawing marker)

-crayons/colored pencils/markers

-scissors (optional)


1. Explore an outdoor space! While outside, collect an array of sticks and other items from nature. Find a tree or rock that is sturdy and build a small house/structure next to it. Add as many details as possible. Think about doors, windows, a roof, front walkway etc.

Next, take a photo of your outdoor creation and go inside. Either print out a copy of the image or have the image next to you to look at.

Now you are going to make a sketch with a pencil of the outline of your fairy house from the picture you took. Try to follow the picture as best as you can and draw all the details included.

Go over your drawing with pen!

I also chose to add extra details to spice up my house! I added a little squirrel in the pen, rocks and flowers, acorns as ornaments, and a door.

Once your pen outline is complete, now it is time to color everything in. You can imagine realistic colors for each element of the setting or have a color theme (example: rainbow, warm colors, cool colors, etc).

Now is also the time to add a fairy or a fairy family. I added my fairy by drawing her on a separate piece of paper and cutting her out.

Share your finished products with us! We would love to display your creations!

The Cup Song (from Pitch Perfect)

Brought to the blog from Joe

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: Multiple People, but it can be done individually and it’s definitely better to learn individually. It’s also usually better to have at least 3 people participating so you can make something of a circle.

Materials: Plastic Cups (the heavier the plastic means the easier it will be) and a few people are the only materials you need

Location: Anywhere there’s a table or a hard surfaced floor, but sitting around a table is definitely easier.

Links and resources:

Further instructions or accommodations:

I know that these videos seem to indicate that it’s done by a sole person and isn’t a group activity, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Once all people are comfortable or feeling daring enough you all sit around a table with your cups in front of you, upside down (rims of cups touching the table). Each person participating should try tapping their cups and making their motions in rhythm.

On the last step in the instructional video the man takes his right hand, picks up the cup, and places it to the left of his left hand sitting on the table after it makes the second to last beat. If he was sitting at a table with other people who were also doing the same thing he was, then he would pass his cup to the person sitting to his left.

Personally, I do this cup dance exactly like this, but for every step that he uses his left hand for I use my right, and vice versa. I.e., if I was sitting in a circle of friends at a table and we were all playing this then my last step would be the opposite. I would pick up the cup with my left hand and place it down to the right of my right hand, thus passing it to the right.

Freeze Dance

Grooved to us by Aurora

Grade Level: Any

Individual or multiple people: At least two people, but it's more fun with 4 or more


-Device for playing music

Location: Anywhere with enough space to dance!

Further instructions or accommodations:

The rules of this game are simple! One person is the music master, and they get to play or pause the music whenever they want. Everyone else dances, but they have to freeze whenever the music stops. If the music master catches somebody still dancing, then that person has to sit down and can't dance. The goal of the game is to be the last person dancing!

If you have only two people, you can play this game with a timer to see how long the dancer can stay in the game without getting caught dancing when the music's off! Each person can take turns being the music-master, competing for the best time.

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