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Friday, April 10 2020

Happy Friday! It's the last day of the week so let's make it count with these extra fun activities! Suncatchers, a scavenger hunt, DIY stamps, and a tag game you can play all weekend long are featured in our post today.

Make your own Suncatchers

Brought To Us By Julie

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: either



Food coloring or paint


Plastic lid from food container




Location: Kitchen or Dining Room Table

Links and resources:

Further instructions or accommodations:

  1. Take a plastic container lid and rinse it out, then dry it as well as you can

  2. Fill lid with glue so that it is even throughout

  3. Take your food coloring or paint and add 5-15 dots of desired colors. (Adding too much color will cause all the colors to blend and become dark brown).

  4. Take toothpicks and swirl color around.

  5. Let suncatchers dry for 2-3 days.

  6. Check to see if any paint is still wet.

  7. If it is no longer wet, carefully pop out glue from the container.

  8. Use a hole puncher to make a hole in the hardened glue.

  9. Cut a piece of string and tie it through the hole

  10. Hole punch another hole on the opposite end of the first hole on the suncatcher

  11. Take another piece of string and add beads to it.

  12. Tie beaded string though second hole of suncatcher

  13. Your sun catcher is complete and ready to be hung up

Household Scavenger Hunt

Follow Brendan's Clues To Complete This Scavenger Hunt

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: 1+ people

Theme: To practice problem-solving skills while working towards a fun goal!

Materials: Paper, pencil, tape, and something to use as a prize at the end (candy/snacks might work best since they’ll be the easiest to find already lying around the house)

Location: Any house

Instructions: The idea here is like any scavenger hunt: to use clues to go from location to location in the house in order to eventually reach a prize at the end! You can feel free to come up with your own clues and locations, but here are some that are pre-made and should work for mostly any household:

  1. Two times a day is crucial, your pearly whites need me. I keep them strong and healthy, clean and cavity-free. (Answer: Toothbrush/Toothpaste)

  2. You eat me for breakfast, I’m boxed and rather dry. Grab the bowl, milk and spoon - unless it’s me Mom forgot to buy. (Answer: Cereal)

  3. We come in different styles, you’ll find us in a drawer. You use us as a tool - just another BITE more. (Answer: Silverware)

  4. I am a special resting place, yet quite a mystery. For adults may love me while children dislike me. (Answer: Bed)

  5. You see me every morning, and every evening too. And when you keep me clean, you see a reflection of - guess who? (Answer: Bathroom Mirror)

  6. I rain down from above - I like to keep things clean. Oh please do use me often, so other kids aren’t mean. (Answer: Shower)

  7. Someone is here - how do you know? Use your ears, before they go. (Answer: Doorbell)

  8. I rumble and I tumble and I like to heat things up. I find I’m very useful after the one with soap in a cup. (Answer: Dryer)

(Note: Give the first clue to your child and have the clue on it lead to the location of the next clue, and so on so that all the clues are in a chain that leads to the prize at the end.

Potato Stamps

with Maisa

Introduction: This is a stamping project made from household items. Kids can use the stamps to make homemade wrapping paper. Parental help will be required in this project, especially if working with younger kids, as it involves cutting the potato with a knife. I would recommend tempera paint for this project, as it’s less permanent than acrylic paint.

Ages: k-5

Materials: Potato cut in half, cookie cutter(s), paint (tempera or acrylic), paintbrush or foam brush.

Location: Kitchen Table


Step 1: Cut potato in half

Step 2: Press a cookie cutter of your desired shape into the raw half of the potato

Step 3: With the cookie cutter still in the potato, use a knife to cut around the shape to cut off the excess potato

Step 4: Before using the stamp, rest the raw edge on a paper towel for few minutes to take off excess moisture.

Step 5: Now, coat the stamp with paint(s) of your choice (using a brush) and press stamp firmly onto paper. Experiment with using more or less paint, or even different things that can be used as stamps.

Who’s It?

with Tyler

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: The entire family!

Materials: Just yourselves

Location: Your house

Further instructions or accommodations:

This is an extended game of tag that can take place over the course of a full day or even multiple days. Before you begin, set a time that the game is going to conclude for example 7:00 PM on Wednesday. One family member agrees to begin as “it”. Over the course of the day they are trying to quietly and secretly tag another family member. Once you tag someone you must let them know they are “it” by whispering, “You’re it”. It must then be kept a secret between the two participants until the next person is tagged. There are no tag backs if you are playing with a group larger than 3. You may be in the same room as the person that is “it”, but only once the person touches you and whispers “You’re it” are you officially “it”. Remember, it is important to keep it a secret to avoid panic. This is a sneaky game! The person who is “it” once the end time hits loses the game.

We'll be back next week with some more fun for you and your family!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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