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Drawing Games with Charlotte - 6/10/2020

Below Charlotte shares the directions from her Paper Weaving Project featured on her Zoom yesterday. If you did not have a chance to finish follow along here.


  • white paper

  • a piece of paper you have colored and cut into strips

  • scissors

We love the combination of a solid color base with patterned paper strips. You can also experiment with weaving ribbons, yarn, strips cut from magazines, or fabric pieces. If you have finger paintings or other artwork your child has done, those can be cut into strips for weaving, too.

Fold your base paper in half and cut slits starting at the fold. Stop your cuts an inch or two from the edge. You don’t have to limit yourself to straight cuts – try wavy lines or zigzags for interesting patterns when you weave. You can evenly space your slits, or mix it up and see what unique pattern you create.

Unfold your paper and begin weaving your strips over and under. Paper weaving is a great workout for little fingers! Young kids might need your help to get started, but they should pick up the simple technique pretty quickly. Alternate starting your strips over or under and keep weaving until you run out of room.

If necessary, trim up the edges and you’re done!

We love using woven paper as colorful place mats. They make a great party activity, too! If you’d like to use them over and over again, cover with clear Contact paper or have them laminated.

Smaller weavings can be glued onto paper and used as part of a collage or picture. You can cut your woven paper into shapes like hearts or flowers, or make a bookmark. If your strips aren’t staying put, use a little clear tape on the back to hold them in place.

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