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Daily Drawing - Friday with Aurora

Today for Daily Drawing Aurora teaches us how to draw a Fox! Follow along with her step-by-step guide to draw your own!

Did you know . . .

- The fox's thick tail aids its balance, but it has other uses as well. A fox uses its tail (or “brush”) as a warm cover in cold weather and as a signal flag to communicate with other foxes.

- The Red Fox the largest and most well-known species of fox.

- There are two species of fox in Massachusetts, the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) and the less common gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus). Along with the coyote, foxes are members of the family Canidae, a word that comes from the Latin word for dog, “canis.” Red and gray foxes have adapted to human civilization over time, and will even den in suburban back yards.


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