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Trivia on the T's- With T! St. Patricks Day Edition

Hey MRASP Community!

Tyler here,

Before this break from school began my 2nd and 3rd grade peeps took quite the interest in "Trivia Tag" (ask a 2nd or 3rd grader for the rules!) Anyway, I would like to continue an aspect of that while we are home so I will start "Trivia on the T's- with T". From now on I will post a new trivia question on the MRASP Blog every Tuesday and Thursday along with the answers the following days (Wednesdays and Fridays)> Try to keep a list of which questions you get correct and we can compare when we return! Remember, no cheating!!!

Todays question:

Where was St. Patrick originally from?

-hint: its not Ireland as many people assume.

Check back tomorrow for the answer!

Good luck!


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