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Chloe's Virtual Field Trips!

Field Trip to Outer Space

On today’s field trip, we are going to the International Space Station! You heard me right. We’re going to be orbiting the earth in space.

Listen to what the astronauts have to say about why they float around and why they have to go so fast on the space station in the ScienceTime Videos (This is more advanced and better for grades 3-5).

Afterwards, head over to the StoryTime Videos and listen to a story, read to you by an astronaut. (This is great for everyone!)

Shuttle to Space Station Link:

For a challenge - find the answers to these questions by watching the ScienceTime Videos:

  • Which is easier, do a one-handed push up on earth or on the space station?

  • When the astronauts are floating, does this mean they are faster, slower, or at the same speed as the space station?

  • Try the rotating ball on a string experiment from the FreeFall Part 2 video - does the same thing happen on earth as it did in space with the astronaut?

  • How fast does the space station go in miles? Ask your parents how fast your car goes and compare those two speeds.

If you can find answers for all the questions - send them to MRASP and we will post them on the blog!

Finally, 4th and 5th graders can tune in on Zoom at 4:00 pm using this link to join Chloe for “Can you Escape?” brought to us by Enchambered Escape Rooms. How good are you at solving riddles? Try your hand at a rubix cube with a twist. Search for hidden clues and complete puzzles with your friends!

See you next week!

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