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Chloe's Virtual Field Trips!

Jungle Jumanji field trip:

A couple of MRASP kids discovered an old board game. As they started to play, they suddenly got sucked into the game and everything in the game came to life. Now they are stuck in the jungle and they need your help to beat the game Jumanji and return to the real world!

4th and 5th graders- Join Chloe for the most exciting adventure yet! Tune in on Zoom at 4:00 pm using this link for a Virtual Escape Room: Jumanji Edition. There’s a time limit of 40 minutes so we have to work together to solve the clues and answer the riddles!

In the meantime, sing and dance to THE ANIMAL BOOGIE!

Immerse yourself in the jungle with this short video that has 25 FUN FACTS ABOUT THE AMAZON RAIN FOREST.

If you are the first one to answer these three questions after watching the video, email the answers to Josh or Courtney and we will post your response on the MRASP blog. Good luck!

  1. What Amazon bird has a brightly colored bill that is larger than it’s body?

  2. What is the loudest land animal in the world?

  3. What percentage of the world’s oxygen do the trees in the Amazon produce?

Try out this Jumanji themed matching game. Try to beat my score of 6200 points!

Or you can try guiding Cody through the jungle in this interactive game that is suitable for younger kids as well. Use the materials in your environment to problem solve your way out of sticky situations. Try to make friends with jungle animals along the way! Control Tip: clicking on Cody moves him forward.

Have fun!

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