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Chloe's Virtual Field Trips!

Field Trip to Ancient Egypt:

We have to travel really really far for today’s field trip. Not only are we going to the continent of Africa, we are also going back in time!

Thanks to our virtual Time Tunnel, we can journey to Ancient Egypt!

At 4:00 pm 4th and 5th graders can hop aboard using this zoom link and join Chloe for a Virtual Escape Room - Escape the Sphinx! There’s a time limit of 40 minutes so we have to work together to solve the clues and answer the riddles!

Remember it is the same password as last week's virtual escape room.

In the meantime, we have tons of other themed activities for everyone to try:

Using the link below, explore a pyramid and learn all about the Egyptian civilization and way of life by clicking on the “Find Out More” buttons. There are also three games hidden inside the temple for you to find.

Note: the “Mummy Making Game” and the information box on the mummy could be a little frightening for younger children as it describes the embalming process.

Here are some extra challenge questions for you to find the answers to:

  1. Can you find the timeline? Approximately how many years passed from when the pyramids of Giza were built and Egypt was conquered by Alexander the Great?

  2. Find the Scribe in the room. Click on the information symbol and see if you can find out what the Ancient Egyptians used to glue papyrus pages together.

  3. What three languages are written on the Rosetta Stone?

  4. The Ancient Egyptians didn’t have any money. What did they use instead?

Take a Trip Through the Time Tunnel:

Now that you are done exploring the pyramid, here are some more themed games for you to play:

  1. Decipher this message using the Hieroglyphic Typewriter and then write a new message for your friends!

2. Hidden Treasure Memory Game - try to beat my score of 2:40 seconds and the high score of 1:29 seconds!

3. Get away from your screens for a while by printing this PDF board and trying the Ancient Egyptian game called “Sennet”. This game is for two players and is a mix between Backgammon and Chutes and Ladders.

See you next Tuesday for another amazing field trip!

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