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Chloe's Virtual Field Trips!

Field Trip to the Wizarding World:

Today at 4:00 pm, 4th and 5th graders will have the opportunity to hop aboard the Hogwarts Express using this zoom link and join Chloe for a Virtual Harry Potter escape room! There’s a time limit of 40 minutes so we have to work together to solve the clues and answer the riddles!

Zoom Link:

Use the password provided in the email you have received.

In the meantime, we have tons of other Potter themed activities for everyone to try:

Perhaps your parents can help you create a wizarding world passport, then you can undergo the sorting ceremony into your Hogwarts House, receive your wand, and discover your Patronus!

I am a Ravenclaw and my Patronus is a fox. What’s yours?

Test your knowledge of the Hogwarts castle with this quiz:

And don’t forget to try this nifty Harry Potter word search (Tip: some of the words are backwards!)


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