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Chloe's Virtual Field Trips!


Today, let’s head deep into space and check out another planet! We are going to be able to explore the actual surface of Mars, recorded by NASA’s Curiosity rover. We can move around freely and choose which sites we want to go to, almost like a video game!

Below are some control tips and some questions to answer along the way.

If you are the first to explore all of Mars and find answers to every question - send them to MRASP and we will post them on the blog!

Click this link to get aboard the rocket ship!

Control Tips:

You will have to use Chrome or Firefox to open NASA’s Interactive Map.

When you see the icon below, you can click and move to the space where the grid is shown.

If you want to change the angle that you are looking in without moving the rover, click and drag on the screen.

These are information pods - Click on them and they will tell you about the Rover’s journey and provide the answers you need for the questions below.

Tip: Don’t forget to go back to the landing site and click on all the parts of the Rover itself to learn about how it works.


  1. Why are some areas of Mars photographed in black and white?

  2. How big are the Curiosity Rover’s wheels compared to previous Rovers?

  3. How fast can Curiosity go?

  4. When did the Curiosity Rover arrive in Pahrump Hills.

  5. What was happening to the lake at the Pahrump Hills site and what did that mean to scientists?

  6. There is a mountain on Mars called ...

A. Mount Clay

B. Mount Sharp

C. Mount Asterix

7. Why did the Curiosity Rover spend a whole year at the site called Maria’s Pass?

8. Why does the Curiosity rover like to take selfies?

9. Does the current location that the Curiosity rover is stationed at look different than the other ones to you? If yes, explain why.

Enjoy Mars! See you next Tuesday for another fun adventure!

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