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Book Reviews By Alexa - 01

As many of you know Alexa is an avid reader and loves to share books with kids in the Centre. She has decided to start sharing virtually! Alexa will be bringing us awesome book reviews full of adventure, wonder, and imagination! First up . . .

The Marvelous Magic of Miss Mabel

by Natasha Lowe

Reading Level: 3-5

Who Will Like It: For fans of Roald Dahl's "Matilda" and "Harry Potter"!

Plot Synopsis: Mabel, an orphan girl who was found in a flower pot, grows up discovering her magical powers and is enrolled in a school for budding young witches. Mabel excels at magic but is constantly in trouble for experimenting and inventing her own potions. The book follows Mabel's adventures in staying true to herself and finding her own family.

Where to Read It: With your local online library on Scribd:

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