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Fall '20 @ MRASP

September 15th 2020

So, what is afterschool at MRASP going to look like in 20-21?

Each student will be assigned to small MRASP groups. Due to some very challenging scheduling pieces, groups will be of different sizes, but will remain consistent through the week at MRASP. Each group on a set of days will have their own designated indoor and outdoor classroom space. The outdoor space will be prioritized whenever possible. Students on a given set of days will also have their own set of individual tray tables that will let MRASP be mobile, socially distant, and sanitary. 

Snack (or Lunch if applicable) will be handled with 10+ feet of separation between students and preferably outside whenever weather will allow it. 

Within each group, students will get to do almost all of the same fun activities we always have done at MRASP. Yes, some activities involving lots of shared materials and closer contact will be ruled out, but expect the same sets of activities, quiet time/storytime, and free choices as past years. 

When you are ready to pickup your kid from MRASP, you will wait outside the front door in the designated pickup zone and use the new MRASP Pickup AP to alert us that you are here! 

You will log who the person doing the pickup is (so we can check our approved list) and who you are picking up. It will notify our "runner" support staff who will bring your child out to you at a distance. 

MRASP will be following all Mason-Rice building protocols as we work to maintain consistency with the school day around these new health and safety best practices. Beyond that, we will be following, if not exceeding, every regulation from the department of Early Education & Care. Issues around cleanliness and safety are the priority. 

On days when you are not sending your child to MRASP, we will be rolling out a brand new MRASP Online Program that will build on last year's remote activities with new and more interactive programming from your home! More to come on this soon. 



Smaller & Cohorted Groups

For fall 2020, all MRASP students will be in unique small cohorts. Groups will be formed as closely as possible with MR Classes. 


New Safety Protocols & Social Distancing

We will be providing individual folding tables for each student with MRASP on a day allowing us to space out at min. 6 ft and be mobile as we prioritize our outdoor space. Spacing & sanitation will be considered in every activity we plan for. Beyond this, each student will have a personal bin of common supplies. 


Contactless Pickup

We have a brand new MRASP Pick-Up Ap on the way! When you arrive at Mason-Rice, you will fill out a line on the ap to ping our designated staff to walk your child up to the pick up point!


Cleaning. Cleaning. Cleaning.

Beyond our already comprehensive cleaning protocols, we will be building in regular cleanings of high-touch spots throughout our day with dedicated staff on hand to support our teachers each day. 

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