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Wednesday, May 6 2020

Hey MRASP-ers, Welcome back to the LFH Blog! Today on the Zoom calendar we have Veronica's Hangout, Drawing Games with Charlotte, and Get Active with Carra. If you haven't already signed up go over to our calendar and we'll see you there! On the blog we have a Spaghetti Game, Mother's Day Cards, a Rainbow Science Prjects, and and Energizing Snack! Let's get started . . .

Spaghetti “Pick Up Sticks”

By Zack

Parents! In terms of safety: This game involves small and pointy pieces. Children under the age of six should not play with these materials unsupervised in order to ensure their safety.

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: Either

Theme: Games, Coordination, Focus

Location: I think this game is best played on the floor, but you can also play on a table.

Materials: Pick ONE of these materials to play the game.

  • Handful of Uncooked Spaghetti Sticks

  • About 20 Straws

  • About 20 Pencils/Pens

  • Go outside and collect a bundle of twigs

  • Popsicle Sticks

  • Pipe Cleaners

If you have never played pick up sticks, these are the simple rules!

  1. Take your bundle of “sticks” or Spaghetti, in one hand, and hold it so the bottom is touching a tabletop.

  2. SLOWLY drop all the sticks onto the table in a pile. It’s okay if some don't land in the pile, just carefully put them on top after. Make sure to not shake the table.

  3. Once you have your pile the game begins! Each player must take turns VERY CAREFULLY picking up one stick from the pile.

  4. If any stick other than the one they touched moves, then they do not get a point for that stick and it is placed to the side.

  5. Once all the sticks have been picked up the game is over.

  6. Each player counts their sticks to see who is the winner with the most sticks!

Other Variations:

  1. Often people will stack the sticks instead of dropping them which works great too!

  2. ONE PLAYER: The game can be fun and challenging even for one player, see how careful you can be!

Mother's Day Card Designs

With Chloe

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: Either

Theme: Mother’s Day, Arts and Crafts

Location: Crafting Table


  1. Card stock paper

  2. A sponge cleaning cloth (the thin kind), cut in half

  3. A piece of rectangular kitchen sponge – just get the cheapest no-name brand, the thicker expensive ones are more difficult to cut up

  4. A Q-tip/cotton bud

  5. Acrylic paint

  6. Glue stick

  7. A piece of newspaper

Optional: thinner construction paper for the inside of the card

Links and resources: Originally found at The Craft Train - here is the accompanying video with instructions

Further instructions or accommodations:

  1. Choose a color of card stock paper and fold it in half

  2. Glue a triangle of newsprint to the bottom half of the card as the base of your bunch of flowers.

  3. Create the rose stamp: Roll you sponge up horizontally (the hot dog way) like a scroll and then grab one end of the scroll and roll it up again the other way so that you have a circle. Attach a rubber band around the circumference of the circle to keep your swirl stamp together.

  4. Make a second rose stamp.

  5. Make the leaf stamp by cutting a small leaf shape from your piece of kitchen sponge.

  6. Stamp roses around the top half of the cards using two different rose colours. It’s a good idea to test the stamp first on a spare piece of paper until you’re happy with the print it’s making.

  7. Stamp a few leaves around the outside

  8. Stamp some little white dots in between and surrounding the roses

  9. Optional: Once the paint has dried, cut a piece of thin construction paper to be slightly smaller than the card base. Glue inside to line the card in a different colour.

Rainbow Jars

Brought To Us By Maisa

Grade Level: K-5

Individual or multiple people: Individual

Theme: STEM

Introduction: Rainbow jars are a science experiment to show kids that liquids can have different densities, so when they are put in a jar together some sink to the bottom whereas some float to the top, depending on how dense the liquid is. We can use this knowledge to create a “rainbow” in a glass container by pouring liquids of different colors on top of each other.


  1. A tall, clear jar

  2. Food coloring

  3. Empty containers to mix food coloring and liquids together.

  4. Corn Syrup or honey

  5. Blue dish soap

  6. Water

  7. Olive oil

  8. Rubbing Alcohol

Location: Kitchen table or counter


  1. Corn syrup (or honey) colored purple will go at the bottom of the jar. The first step is to mix the corn syrup with some purple food coloring (or blue and red to make purple). Then, pour this into the jar you’re using for the rainbow. Pour enough that there is a clear purple layer at the bottom of your jar. This is our first of our 5 colored liquids

  2. Next, carefully pour blue dish soap into the jar, on top of the purple corn syrup mixture.

  3. Now, water mixed with green food coloring (blue+yellow) goes on top of the dishsoap. Remember to pour each liquid slowly so that the colors do not mix together.

  4. Next, pour a layer of olive oil over the water

  5. Finally, mix red food coloring with rubbing alcohol in a separate container. Once mixed, pour the alcohol mixture at the top. This is the last step. Your jar should now resemble a rainbow!

View the link below to see someone demonstrate the process of this experiment:

Sunbutter Balls!

Cooked Up By Charlotte

***If you have a food allergy, check all ingredients before making!***

Note: This recipe is gluten free and nut free. You can substitute different ingredients if interested.


-1 cup sunflower seed butter

-1 cup GF oats

-1 tablespoon honey

-2 teaspoons cinnamon

-handful of chocolate chips


  • Combine all of your ingredients in a medium sized mixing bowl. Mix well

  • Use a spoon or your hands to form the mixture into bite-sized balls -you can lay them out on a baking sheet while working on this step

  • Put the balls into freezer bags

  • Freeze for 2+ hours before enjoying them!

(If kept in the freezer, these Sunbutter balls will last months! If you take them out for any reason, eat within a few days.)

Have a great day everyone and we'll be back here tomorrow with more at home fun!

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