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Tuesday March 17th, 2020 - St. Patrick's Day Selections

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Today we highlight a thematic craft project Brendan has brought us from Craftymorning, a Lego-Coding Activity Aurora has assembled from Research Parent, some themed cooking & coloring from Courtney, & what was supposed to be today's Hut Game- Irish Hold 'Em.

Toilet Paper Roll Leprechauns

Name of the activity: Leprechaun Toilet Paper Roll

Grade Level: K-3

Individual or multiple people: Individual

Theme: Using craft materials around the house to practice fine motor skills and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Materials: Toilet paper roll, construction paper (green, yellow, black, white, tan), scissors, glue, tape, black Sharpie, orange pipe cleaner (or whatever you have at home!)

Location: Table or any large flat surface usable for crafting

Lego (Screen Free) Coding

Introduction: This is a fun, computer-free introduction to some of the concepts of coding. Kids create a Lego maze based on a template and then assemble directions to guide a Lego figure through their maze. Different levels and difficulties are presented in the article and materials, meaning this activity can be adapted for a kindergartner or for their big sibling who's in middle school.


Anywhere indoors



-Legos or Duplos (optional, but it's the most fun when you have these)

-Small character to walk through the maze


Courtney's "Nana's Irish Soda Bread" + Coloring


Irish Hold 'Em

You need to know the basic rules of Texas Hold 'Em for this.

The main difference is each player starts out with four cards instead of two, and then discards two of those cards after seeing The Flop.

Hut rules also involve that when someone wins a pot they must get up and dance their best version of a jig.

Non-Traditional, but kid friendly lesson on jigs can be found here :)

See you all tomorrow for some new fun & games with the MRASP LFH Blog!

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