MRASP Porchfest '20

Porchfest is MRASP’s musical end-of-year celebration that includes crafting homemade instruments, sharing music you’ve been working on, and an end-of-year collaborative music video that everyone can participate in!

Some more detailed info about each piece of the celebration are as follows:

1. The Zoom meetup for crafting your own homemade instruments will be Wednesday, June 3 at 3pm! The focus will be on using materials you probably already have in your own house. Keep an eye out on the blog earlier in that week for some LFH activities involving making your own homemade musical instruments!

2. The Zoom meetup for sharing your own music you’ve been working on will be Friday June 5 at 3pm! Come attend this event if you want to show off things such as piano or violin pieces you’ve been practicing, or if you just want to sing a song you’ve really been into lately - anything music-related that you’ve really been excited about. We’d love to see what you’ve been working on!

3. Last but not least, we are working on a collaborative music video of everyone singing together as an accumulation of this “Porchfest” celebration! The song we’ve chosen is “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars - link you can find below. We’d like to have as many kids as possible send us a video of them singing or dancing along to the song and we’ll compile it all into a music video with everyone in it! The deadline for submitting the video to us will be Friday, June 12.