Mosaic of Near & Far

As one of our end of the year activities the MRASP Community will be working together to create a collaborate digital mosaic! The plan is to have students and staff submit 2 works of art to be formed together and create a larger display highlighting some of our favorite things from both MRASP and our time at home.

Each student should create 2 works of art. One illuminating their favorite thing(s) at MRASP/ school (Gaga Ball, snack, Flashlight Tag, Trivia Tag, a favorite game or art project, etc.) and one highlighting their favorite thing(s) at home (their dog, their bedroom, and special LEGO, special doll, favorite snack, family, etc.)


SIZE: each piece should be made on an 8.5 X 8.5 square piece of paper (printer paper folded cut on one end)

MATERIALS: Paint, markers, old magazines, photos, trinket, knickknacks, etc. any art supplies that can create a beautiful work of art that will be easily captured in a photograph. The bolder the better! You may combine multiple photos to create a collage but please don’t just use one photo as your piece of art.

Due Date: June 10th

Submission: Final pieces should be emailed to so MRASP staff can assemble all the pieces into one digital Mosaic to be emailed to families by the end of the school year. (Please send one email with two separate photos of the squares)